Starting Solids Online Feeding Bootcamp


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With a developmental approach to when, what, how, and why, you will be empowered and confident in starting solids with your baby with our self-paced, online feeding bootcamp course!

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Balanced Baby is a phenomenal group of medical professionals who specialize in babies. 

Jenn was extremely helpful with my newborn as a new mom, 5 days postpartum. I’m excited to be a part of the classes, as my little one grows.

 Kelly, Mikayla's Momma

Client Testimonials

I can't thank Jen & Kristen enough for everything they've done to help my daughter thrive.

They have helped me advocate for her, followed along with her progress and truly cared about her wellbeing. Plus, the classes are so fun!


There are not enough words to describe how important the work the women in this practice do.

My baby had surgery at 6 weeks old and was dealing with major food allergies and colic. When I was lost they were my steadfast, always available, always communicative guide. They advocated for what was best for both my infant and toddler and do it all with loving support and sound information. The things they have taught me as a second time mom, the way they have positively impacted my children’s lives is above and beyond in comparison to countless specialists we have seen. If you want the best… if you want people that truly care and are EXPERTS-this is the practice to bring your baby to.

Christina marie

After YEARS, I finally feel SEEN & HEARD!

Holly is absolutely amazing and truly cares and wants to help you find root of the cause and a solution. My son is 7 and has had mouth breathing troubles all his life. I’ve spent many doctors visits and co pays at other offices, only to leave frustrated and not understood. I am so happy I found Balanced Baby to help my son on the road to answers. Holly came up with a game plan ....  I’m honestly excited to get this ball rolling after years of being disappointed. I can’t thank Holly at Balanced Baby enough. She’s made me feel comfortable and my son as well through this whole process. I can’t recommend them enough.

Meaghan Teel

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