prepare for the journey so you can enjoy the moments

prepare for the journey so you can
enjoy the moments


Balanced Baby is the BABY RESOURCE!
Whether you're still expecting or have a new arrival, our team is happy to help!
Our multidisciplinary team consists of neonatal-pediatric trained physical therapists,
occupational therapists, speech therapists, pediatric chiropractor, registered dietitian, lactation specialists, and birthing and postpartum doulas.

Balanced Baby specializes in prenatal and postpartum support of the mommy-baby dyad,
infant feeding, infant development, and pre- and post-frenectomy care. 

We are mothers ourselves and understand the beautiful, yet challenging journey it can be. We want to support mothers in their decisions, providing the developmental education and understanding to promote a proactive approach with their baby's health. Our practice believes in accessibility, patient experience, and optimal results. Our passion is supporting families and treating babies!

To elevate the standard of care for mothers and babies during the fourth trimester to proactively address feeding difficulties in infancy, promoting longterm oral and airway health.

Empathetically supporting mamas on their journey prenatally through the fourth trimester and beyond.

Our Mission  

Our Vision  

"These girls have helped us through some of the toughest times! With my daughter being in and out of the hospital since birth, it can get very intimidating and stressful. Balanced Baby helped us get through it all and is there to listen any time of the day or night. We are so thankful we were brought here! When the doctors are not there to listen and help, these girls are!"

- Danielle, Kinsley's momma 

"From this experience I have learned that while doctors know a lot of things, they do not know everything. And that’s where specialists like the team at Balanced Baby comes in. If your gut is telling you that something is not right with your baby, I highly recommend going to see them. I wish I did sooner."

- Theresa, Henry's Momma

"Balanced Baby's support can be invaluable to any mom's journey. All of the women on this team are knowledgeable, caring, & kind. Thanks, Balanced Baby!"

- Arianne, Donny's Momma