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Pre- & Post-Frenectomy

Tongue tie, lip tie, and buccal tie are oral restrictions present at birth that impact the normal movement and function of the tongue and mouth.

Research shows that up to 10 percent of babies are born with an oral restriction and up to 25 percent of nursing infants can be affected by a shallow latch caused by this condition.

The most common types of oral restrictions are tongue tie, lip tie, and buccal tie, which can impact infant feeding skills.

A tongue tie is when the band of tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is too short, too thick, or too tight, restricting the tongue’s normal range of motion. Ankyloglossia is the medical term that refers to a restrictive lingual frenum. This is the most common form of oral restriction.

A lip tie is when the tissue connecting the upper lip to the gum is too stiff or too thick, preventing the upper lip from moving freely. This condition is less common than tongue tie, yet more prevalent than a buccal tie.

A buccal tie refers to tissues that attach the inside of the cheeks to the gums, restricting normal movement. This condition is less common than a tongue or lip tie.

A frenectomy is the procedure performed with a laser to release the oral tissues. A healthcare professional known as a proceduralist, such as a dentist, pediatrician, ENT, naturopath, or nurse practitioner will release the membrane causing the oral restriction. It is an outpatient procedure that usually only takes a few minutes and heals within a matter of days.

At Balanced Baby, the pre-release appointment with one of our TOTS Trained Team is scheduled to assess your baby's baseline skills & provide parents with oral and gross motor exercises to begin prior to the procedure in order to determine if the release is indicated. If a referral to a release provider is made and release is performed, a post-release appointment is recommended & scheduled within 24-72 hours post-release date. At this appointment, the therapists will ensure optimal wound healing, strengthening & coordination training of your baby's oral motor skills, & carryover of feeding skills.


Can’t say enough good things about Balanced Baby. If you have a baby you should be taking your baby!

I have a 6wk old that was showing a lot of signs of reflux and colic. Gaining weight well but painful latch. Talked to my pediatrician about tongue/lip tie and he said it would be a waste to cut it because it wasn’t bad. Came to my attention that all her symptoms were synonymous with tongue tie issues. Went to balanced baby before seeing a dentist who specializes in releases with CO2 laser. It was an incredible first experience. My husband and I both learned SO much. She was relaxed after, had a great BM, and they revealed to us that she actually has a severe tie that is effecting her whole body. We had it released and have continued to go to Balanced Baby and plan to keep going! We love everyone we’ve met and they are so involved and available!


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