Transitioning to Solids Online Course

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With a developmental approach to when, how, and why, we are sharing everything we know in our upcoming self-paced Feeding Boot Camp course!

Feeding Bootcamp

5-week program equipping parents with the tools for success with transitioning their baby to solids when their baby is showing signs of readiness (~6 months old).

Transitioning your baby to solids is no easy task! 

With the guidance of our expert feeding therapists, we can hold your hand along the way while providing developmental tools to facilitate a positive foundation with feeding. 

This 5-week program covers:

💜Feeding 101
💜Cooking and food prep for the busy mom
💜Oral Motor Exercises and Strengthening
💜Feeding tips for happy meal times
💜Diet, Nutrition and Allergies
💜Introduction of fruits, vegetables, carbs, proteins/meats 
💜Sensory Implications during meals

The information and format of this class is one of a kind and will be packed with knowledge to navigate this journey TRANSITIONING TO SOLIDS with the correct developmental information as well as practical mom advice! 

Our approach is a combination of BLW and traditional introduction to feeding. So, mamas rest assured we will ease your nerves on starting solids with your baby!

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**We require a pre-bootcamp assessment to make sure baby is ready and will be a good candidate for feeding bootcamp. This is a fun program for both mom/dad and baby when ready to start foods!!

The team at Balanced Baby gave me the confidence to feed my baby food that wasn’t blended or puréed.

She was picking up pieces of salmon last week and enjoying it fully. They taught me how to give her the most amount of nutrients in the appropriate sized portions. I feel like we have a head start in developing a healthy eating routine, even though she didn’t start eating until feeding bootcamp at 9 months old. The classes were both entertaining and enlightening. The size of the class was perfect and it was nice watching the other babies in the class go from crying the first half of day one to shoving everything on their trays in their mouths on week five. I fully recommend balanced baby for any of your baby care, feeding, or developmental needs.

natasha w.

Client Testimonials

Words truly can’t describe how amazing feeding bootcamp was to me, my baby, and my entire family.

Holly and Jen are the most patient, informative, and fun teachers. Going through feeding bootcamp empowered me to try foods I would have never given my 6 month old. I was able to learn the difference between when I needed to intervene versus when to let my baby figure it out. Going through it with Holly and Jen plus other families created a community I didn’t know I needed. I highly recommend Feeding Bootcamp to anyone ready to start solids. Two months later and my baby is eating like a champ anywhere we go!

karina j.

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