Starting Solids Online Feeding Bootcamp


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With a developmental approach to when, what, how, and why, you will be empowered and confident in starting solids with your baby with our self-paced, online feeding bootcamp course!


In case no one ever told you, breastfeeding is hard!! 

Breastfeeding & pumping take hours and hours of hard work and dedication.

BalancedBaby's Breastfeeding Specialists offer the support & guidance to help you succeed at feeding your little one:
+ tips & advice for new mommas
+ advice on how to latch baby once he or she arrives
+ assist with baby weight gain or momma's breast issues
+ reduce stress about whether baby is getting enough or too much milk
+ feel confident & proud of how your unique breastfeeding journey
+ focusing on motherhood & soak in the moments with your baby

Feel prepared once you welcome your baby! 
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prenatal cLASSES :    BABY ON BOARD

An individualized, full assessment on mother & baby breastfeeding to ensure optimal latch & milk transfer, confidence & comfortability.


For expectant or newborn mothers with quick questions. BalancedBaby maternal support continues beyond your pregnancy!

prenatal + post partum

Mom Club | Thursdays  | refer to our CLASSES page for more!

MOMmY & ME classes

They have shown me so many helpful holds and techniques that I was not familiar with, even as an experienced mom.

They are available to answer any questions or to help troubleshoot after sessions, which has been very helpful! I feel like we have seen a lot of progress since starting with them. The office is comfortable and Kristin and Jenn make a stressful journey feel more manageable.

morgan s.

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