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Torticollis & Plagiocephaly

+ Does your baby have a preference to turn his or her head to one side more than the other?
+ Is your baby bringing only their right or left hand to their mouth and not both? Rolling to one side and not the other?
+ Is your baby not able to lift their head in tummy time and rotate to each side equally?
+ Is your baby always turning or tilting their head when positioned in a bouncer, swing, or car seat?
+ Does your baby tend to take a bottle or breast feed in certain positions or to only one way?
+ Does your baby turn their head to the same side when sleeping?

A treatable condition in which a child's head is tilted to one side and turned toward the opposite side. It is caused by having tight muscles on the one side of the neck and weak muscles on the other side. If the questions above cause you any concern, do not hesitate to reach out to BalancedBaby for an assessment. Torticollis is easily reversible with a proactive approach and early intervention.



Plagiocephaly is an asymmetry of the baby's head shape, also referred to as "Flat Head Syndrome".

You may notice these things:
+ Flattening of the back side of the head
+ Bulging of the forehead or cheek on one side
+ One eye looking larger than the other 
+ Ear pushed more forward than the other


Balanced Baby's support can be invaluable to any mom's journey. All of the women on this team are knowledgeable, caring, & kind. Thanks, Balanced Baby!

- Arianne, Donny's Momma

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