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With a developmental approach to when, what, how, and why, you will be empowered and confident in starting solids with your baby with our self-paced, online feeding bootcamp course!

Baby on Board

A class for expecting parents, hosted by our multidisciplinary team of experts in prenatal and pelvic health, child birth, the fourth trimester, postpartum health, infant development and infant feeding.

You will be prepped for the arrival of your little one with our dream team of prenatal and neonatal experts.

Baby On Board is a Multidisciplinary Prenatal Program offered by the collaboration of the professional women behind Balanced Baby, Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy, and The Hospital Doulas, to prepare you for the arrival of your little one!

This unique class is an all inclusive resource for expecting parents, covering the following topics:
* childbirth
* prenatal care
* what to expect with pregnancy/delivery/postpartum
* pelvic health
* positioning/exercises to support mom during pregnancy and delivery
* infant development
* newborn care
* infant feeding and motor milestones

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Balanced Baby is a great resource for new and even experienced mamas who need any guidance, which sometimes your OB/Midwife/Pediatrician can’t provide.

As a FTM who has gone down the internet rabbit hole, trying to be as informed as possible, I thought I knew a lot. But of course when it comes to babies and pregnancy, the amount of information is overwhelming and it’s hard to find reliable sources. Balanced Baby is a great resource for new and even experienced mamas who need any guidance, which sometimes your OB/Midwife/Pediatrician can’t provide.

The Baby On Board class taught me (and my husband) TONS of useful information- not just for labor and birth but for everything you need to know after having a baby! The class covered lactation, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, labor techniques, birth plan ideas, registry recommendations, tummy time ideas, and more. As a bonus, they served a delicious breakfast and gave each of us a gift bag to take home!

This is hands down the best class to take as a parent-to-be. They also offer other classes for after baby is born!

These ladies are experts in their specialties and have tons of recommendations, based on their own personal and professional experiences. Anything they aren’t certified in, they know someone who is and can easily connect you to someone who can help. Again, I can’t recommend this place enough for all parents!

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Client Testimonials

  • Jenn - Balanced Baby CoFounder, Lead Occupational Therapist, Neonatal Touch and Massage Certified, Feeding and Oral Motor Specialist, Infant Sensory Expert
  • Dr. Kristin - Balanced Baby CoFounder, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Neonatal Therapist, Neonatal Touch and Massage Certified, Cranial Molding Expert and Tummy Time Specialist.
  • Dr. Allie - Doctor of Physical Therapy, Owner of Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy, certified pregnancy and postpartum exercise specialist.
  • Lisa - certified birth and postpartum doula (DONA), ProDoula, Co-owner of The Hospital Doulas, a Childbirth Educator, Evidence Based Birth®️Instructor and Gentlebirth Instructor.

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specialists include:

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