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With a developmental approach to when, what, how, and why, you will be empowered and confident in starting solids with your baby with our self-paced, online feeding bootcamp course!

Infant Development

At Balanced Baby, it is not if your baby is performing a skill but also HOW is your baby performing a skill.

+ Is your baby having difficulty with tummy time?
+ Do you want a strong foundation to your baby’s development?
+ Are you concerned your baby is achieving his or her milestones appropriately?

In all of our consultations, your baby is assessed from head to toe, looking at your baby's motor skills, postures, movements, range of motion, and overall mobility and how it may be impacting other skills, like feeding. At Balanced Baby, it is not if your baby is performing a skill but also HOW is your baby performing a skill. It is important to assess quality and symmetry of movement in babies. Infant development is filled with a lot of milestones in a short amount of time; however, how these milestones are developed creates the foundation for longterm future skills.

n our 4-class series, #MOMhour, led by our team of neonatal specialists, your baby will develop a strong foundational start in achieving typical motor milestones. We offer a proactive approach to parents through our developmental lens with a multidisciplinary team to guide and support you, answering these common questions and concerns reported by parents. Trust your intuition if you have questions/concerns, call us today! 

Jenn and Kristin are Neonatal Touch & Massage certified and instruct parents on how to apply massage techniques with their baby in the #MOMhour class. Massage has so many evidence-based benefits through positive touch, bonding with mom and baby, relaxation, sleep, constipation, weight gain, and more! 



From this experience I have learned that while doctors know a lot of things, they do not know everything. And that’s where specialists like the team at Balanced Baby comes in. If your gut is telling you that something is not right with your baby, I highly recommend going to see them. I wish I did sooner.

- Theresa, Henry's Momma

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